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  Picture Gallery  -  2002  

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First Year 2000-01
Events 2001:

Christmas -1

Christmas -2

Christmas -3

Events - 2002:

March Festivity

Project meeting - A2

Meeting Kindergarten

Easter 2002

Alphabet Day -May24

Summer Fest - July1


Decorative Art



Drawing - 1

Drawing - 2

Drawing - 3

Visiting Partners:

Athens, Greece

PIKPA of Pireus

Oradea, Romania

Oradea - the School

  Natural beauty  Traditions 

 History  Sofia city Mountains

  Halloween Chrismass in the Kindergarten Chrismass2                               

    Chrismass in Sofia Press  1March    

 Project Presentation Visit in Kindergarten Easter 2002

 Alphabet Day Summer Fest Decorative Arts

  Puppets Our Games Drawings 1

 Drawings2 Drawings 3 Athens Visit

PIKPA - Pireus Oradea, Romania Oradea School


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